Our end-to-end process means you have a partner who can provide inventive and pragmatic solutions throughout your project.

Outcome focused, experienced and passionate, we streamline the industrial design and product design process.

We work closely with our clients

Who we’re solving for
We seek to understand your problem

What their needs are
We define and ideate several approaches

How we’ll solve them
We build and prototype a solution

Why our work matters
We test & prove the best approach

To show you how we work, here’s a snapshot.

Design process

Create and design

Meticulous and creative, we hone into every detail of the imagined product, its user experience, and the setting it’s intended for.

We take it through a rigorous product development process, from preliminary concepts and modelling through to systems engineering, prototyping, full technical detail and refinements, until it’s just right.

Build and deliver

We use our many contacts in manufacturing and supply chains, from local Australian-made to oversees manufacturing, to help you choose the right suppliers for your project.

We are responsible for the tooling, testing and quality control of your product during the manufacturing process, to ensure it meets all design and safety standards. We can also provide certifications to ensure it’s safe and ready for the Australian and overseas markets.

And once it’s ready, we can look after logistics, deliver the finished product, and install it where required. Here we pay close attention to detail to ensure it fits perfectly in its desired environment for maximum impact.

We’re there for life

We’re also there to service your products to the end of your life. From kiosks to pop-up solutions we can be there on site to service, maintain, pack up and put into storage when its use is over.

Plus we’re all about second life. Our MKII next generation approach means we can find ways to re-engineer older products to extend their use for longer.

Whatever the detail, we are only a phone call away to look after the life of your product.

We’re ready to help you create a new experience.