Building self-service and payment devices that connect you to your customers.

The world of self-service and payment devices moves fast, demanding convenience, speed, mobility, flexibility and ease-of-use for every customer interaction that is made. It has also become a feature that consumers expect, and is crucial to retail success. Our considered design approach embodies these demands.

Our approach

We design and build highly flexible self-service kiosks, iPad kiosks and unattended payment devices.

Our products are designed for speed, ease of use and to keep your customers out of a queue, extending your service delivery and freeing up payment access.

Reduce the queues

When we design, we think about the context your customers operate in, their daily habits and desires, to come up with powerful service gateways that are quick to access and use.

From self-service ipad kiosks that sit in a lobby to roaming tablets you can deliver to restaurant tables, our devices don’t require any attendance, fit flexibly into any kind of environment and be customised for different purposes.

Payment options are made easy too. All our devices also allow customers to access and pay for services and products via Eftpos, credit card and custom payment solutions.

And the benefits of having these new access points are immense.

Faster, better solutions

Our self-service kiosks, ipad kiosks and payment solutions help increase transaction volume and speed, eliminate delays to customers, and increases customer satisfaction that comes from a great payment experience.

It can also extend to their customers a sense of personal choice and freedom, where they can access a service or purchase a product all in their own time.

Dynamic user interfaces

We can also create powerful user interface designs that engage, stimulate and educate consumers.

Whether it’s for an ipad, mobile or other device, we can develop user interfaces that are intuitive, simple to use, and deliver an experience that keeps customers engaged.
We can also develop, install and maintain your user interfaces every step of the way, so you can get the most out of your products.

Our solution is end-to-end

We develop, manufacture, supply and install all our self-service kiosks and payment devices. We also offer ongoing maintenance and servicing to extend the life and performance of your products.

And this is what makes us different. Our service extends well beyond the normal service, offering ongoing support and maintenance on all the self-service and payment products we make.

We’re ready to help you create a new experience.