Building ATM housings and surrounds that will help you stand out in a crowd.

What we do

We make beautifully designed, fit-for-purpose ATM surrounds and branded products that help you connect with customers, provide them a great user experience and make ATM maintenance a breeze (we think of everyone).

Our approach

We understand the needs of the banking sector, and have worked with major banks to build ATM surrounds that are eye catching, inviting and cover the entire customer journey.

Our ATM design solution is a flexible and effective way to extend your retail footprint; to take banking out of the bank, into new environments and connect more intimately with your customers.

Branded from top to toe

Our ATM surrounds stand out and build a sense of trust in what you’re offering at first sight. We make sure every component of the ATM environment – from kiosk surrounds to signage and bin units – fits together into an entire branded experience that attracts attention in the crowd.

Give a face to digital interactions

We see every touch point is a chance to promote your brand and new products and services. Our ATM surrounds house perfectly your banking applications, giving them a physical form that customers can interact with and relate to.

We do it all

From corporate lobbies to shopping centres, our ATM design products can be customised to fit into any environment.

We cover every segment of the ATM market, including:
• three dimensional ATM surrounds for through the wall and lobby ATMs
• low profile (flat) surrounds for through the wall and lobby ATMs
• lobby ATM topper units
• lobby ATM wrap treatments
• multimedia display toppers and stands
• ATM kiosks
• ATM related signage
• durable bin units
• communications housings
• base plinths for through the wall ATMs

We also build one-off or niche ATM products using our innovative design and R&D resources that customers will rave about and love.

Our solution is end-to-end.

We develop, manufacture, supply and install all ATM branded gear. We also offer ongoing maintenance and servicing to extend the life and performance of your products.

And this is what makes us different. We look after all the details every step of the way, our service extends well beyond, offering ongoing support and servicing on all the ATM branded products we make.

We’re ready to help you create a new experience.