Our interactive design environments give body, shape, personality and a retail footprint to your brand.

Our approach

We design and build interactive environments, from retail design to modular interactive kiosks and pop-up environments.

We understand that the best interactive design environment is one that takes a customer on a journey, from an invitation that makes them feel welcome, right through the experience to a planned outcome that feels just right. Our interactive environments do just that.

Retail design environments

When it comes to retail design environments we realise that every detail is important; from the exterior signage that gets you through the door to the interior layouts, product displays and high-tech touch points you interact with along the way.

We cover the entire customer experience, from start to finish, and design and deliver built environments that cover every aspect of the retail journey. Our products include:

• shop-in-shop environments
• display walls
• permanent merchandise displays
• permanent advertising displays
• modular environments suitable for rollouts
• multimedia display totems and structures
• interactive kiosks

And we can custom design for any other retail feature you may want added to your store experience.

Modular interactive environments

We combine the best that technology has to offer with considered branded environments that not only offer a service but also a micro environment that can make a big impact.

Offering a place to pause, perform a task in comfort and security, these small design details will make customers feel connected to your products and services.

Our modular interactive environments are the perfect solution to extending brand presence into non-traditional environments, from factory floors to the lobbies of corporate buildings, at minimal infrastructure requirement and cost.

Pop-up environments

From pop-up retail promotions to exhibitions and tradeshows we design pop-up spatial environments that blow trestle tables out of the water.

They combine perfectly with other interactive elements, from user interfaces to roaming ipads, to help get your brand out into the crowds.

Perfect for immediate campaigns, we can also install, coordinate, set-up and maintain all your pop up environments.

We also understand that presentation is key, and provide a full service in organising events and maintaining your pop up environments to keep them looking sharp. And when the campaign is over, we are there to pack it up and send it into storage.

We’re ready to help you create a new experience.