The situation

Re-brands are a real test as they require the expertise of all areas of our business. No one re-brand is the same therefore it is important to establish a process flow which will work for the project.

This always needs to be done quickly and concisely as there is normally a tight time-frame related to every re-brand.

The challenge

The scale of this project was significant – 730 ATMs to be re-branded in under 8 months. There were also a great deal of variables including different ATM surround types; location constraints; and logistical challenges.

The program had to be completed by the defined time period and within budget.

The solution

Pragma was engaged to manage, produce and install the surrounds nation-wide. Our established track record in the ATM branding space meant that we could successfully apply our methodologies and processes to meet the requirements of this project. For example, we adopted innovative manufacturing methods which allowed us to reduce standard manufacturing lead times. This was critical in order to allow for the early commencement of distribution and installation of surrounds.

In addition to this, our national network of installers, to complement our in house team, meant that we could confidently overcome all on site challenges.

We’re involved the whole way

Pragma designs, documents, produces, installs and maintains.

We’re ready to help you create a new experience.