Human movement - we get it.

Our approach

Guiding people through wayfinding is a skill that we at Pragma have and understand. We call it the ‘journey’ and it starts as your facility is approached. Common sense cannot be underestimated, and when combined with professionalism and a quality look; the plan starts to work.

Now that the car is parked, where to now? Key retailers play a role here with familiar brands. Strategically positioned, signage that is clear, concise and logical helps the journey unfold. Same goes for amenity guidance. Your patrons want clear assistance to guide them to bathrooms, baby change facilities or centre management. At Pragma, we have the strategies to create successful wayfinding solutions to assist your patrons.

Let us manage the entire visitor journey

When it comes to public and common environments, we realise that every detail is important. From the exterior signage that gets you through the door to the interior layouts, product displays and high-tech touch points you interact with along the way.

These are supported with a series of static totems or roof hangers throughout your facility, the look remains consistent.

Why Pragma?

Our wayfinding and directional signage give body, personality and a cohesive footprint to your brand.

We understand that the best wayfinding and directional products take care of your visitor’s journey in a straightforward and welcoming manner. Our products do just that.

We’re ready to help you create a new experience.